Indigenous Advisory Council

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In 2020 we established an Indigenous Advisory Council to provide guidance and input to BMO across three pillars: education, employment and economic empowerment.

Indigenous Advisory Council Mandate

In January 2020 BMO introduced an Indigenous Advisory Council (IAC) that is comprised of First Nations, Métis and Inuit representation nationwide.
The mandate of the IAC is to provide guidance and feedback to BMO to develop policies and practices that respond to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Call to Action 92, more specifically with respect to:

  • Indigenous Peoples history and cultural awareness training for all managers and employees of BMO,
  • jobs and training for Indigenous Peoples, and
  • achieving long-term sustainable economic growth for Indigenous communities.

This mandate is summarized as three pillars that reflect BMO’s focus and commitment to reconciliation and progress for Indigenous peoples across Canada: education, employment and economic empowerment.

The first IAC meeting was held in person on March 10 2020, with subsequent virtual meetings taking place quarterly.

Outcomes from IAC input to date:


  • Education: Input and feedback incorporated into the launch of new eLearning, Nisitohtamowin, which provides an introduction to understanding Indigenous perspectives in Canada.
  • Employment: Provided feedback on Indigenous employment strategies nationwide to grow hiring and increase retention.
  • Economic empowerment: Guidance and advice that informed the launch of BMO’s new Indigenous Banking Program.

BMO’S Indigenous Advisory Council: Setting the framework for reconciliation

An interview with IAC Co-Chair Chief Roger Augustine on the work of the Council to establish a framework for reconciliation and to measure progress.


The IAC consists of 12 external members and is Co-chaired by Regional Chief Roger Augustine, Assembly First Nations, NB & PEI and Mike Bonner, Head of Canadian Business Banking. The Council is sponsored by Cam Fowler, Chief Strategy & Operations Officer. Membership appointments consider a diversity of factors such as regional representation, gender diversity, background and expertise and more.

Get to know each of our members!

BMO Indigenous Advisory Council Members