Sustainability principles

BMO is dedicated to pursuing growth in a responsible and sustainable manner. Our sustainability principles sit alongside our strategic priorities and represent the inextricable connection between financial performance and corporate responsibility. Our success as a business depends on meeting our commitments to our community and our planet, our employees and our customers. Where they connect is the source of sustainable growth.

Our strategic framework

Our vision

To be the bank that defines great customer experience.

Strategic priorities

The clearly defined statements of purpose that guide the bank’s long-term decision-making as we deliver on our vision.

Drive leading growth in priority areas by earning customer loyalty.

Simplify, speed up, and improve productivity.

Harness the power of digital and data to grow.

Be leaders in taking and managing risk, consistent with our overall risk appetite.

Activate a high-performance culture.

Sustainability principles

The guidelines we follow as a responsibly managed bank consider social, economic and environmental impacts as we pursue sustainable growth.

Social change
Helping people adapt and thrive by embracing diversity and tailoring our products and services to meet changing expectations.

Financial resilience
Working with our customers to achieve their goals, and providing guidance and support to underserved communities.

Community building
Fostering social and economic well-being in the places where we live, work and give back.

Environmental impact
Reducing our environmental footprint while considering the impacts of our business.

We balance our commitments to all stakeholders as we pursue our business strategy and strive to fulfill our broader social responsibilities.

A BMO custoermer, Sister Edna Lonergan looks out a window


We’re invested in the economic well-being of everyone we work with, from individuals and families to small businesses and large companies.

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Two colleagues working together


BMO fosters a workplace culture where everyone feels included, empowered, proud and has opportunities for career growth.

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At BMO, we integrate environmental, social and financial considerations into all of our operations. It’s what our shareholders expect of us.

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Communities are the foundation of our success, and as a bank, we have a unique opportunity to give in a way that’s meaningful.

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We’re focused on reducing our impact on and protecting the environment as we prepare for the low carbon economy of the future.

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Business conduct

The way we conduct ourselves in the pursuit of our business objectives impacts our customers and other stakeholders, and it influences the amount of trust and confidence they have in us.

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